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June 17, 2008

I feel chatty, so I will recount the various goings on at the House of X. Get ready, it’s pretty boring. I recommend having a pillow nearby in case you suddenly fall into a catatonic state from the sheer excitement.

I got an email last night from the Matchmaker at the Golden rescue organization which was worthy of a whoop until I read that they somehow had it in their heads that we had indicated we could not adopt a dog until July 28th. Um, nooooo. I sent a very nice email back essentially saying that wasn’t us and could you please put us on the regular adoption track ASAP? They also sent some information on introducing dogs to cats. That should be an entertaining read. Although, I doubt they espouse Mr. X’s idea of putting them all together in a steel cage match where only the winner emerges victoriously. Yes, he was kidding.

My parents are climbing the Swiss Alps. They called me yesterday to complain about a) how tired they were, b) how sore they were, c) how freakin’ tired they were and d) how they didn’t think they could do four more days of torture. I was a little incredulous since they had signed up voluntarily and I asked my dad if he really was secretly expecting an escalator, to which he feebly responded, “well, yeah.” Oy. They both kept mentioning how many rocks there were. Well, duh!

I went to Bunco last night and thankfully, did not come home with Pinkey. In fact, I came home with $8 and had two ice cold Dos Equis to boot. Not a bad haul for a night spent throwing around little plastic dice and dishing about the neighborhood gossip.

Speaking of neighborhood gossip, I don’t know how much longer I can handle being on the Board of Directors of our little home owners association. Our neighborhood is being torn asunder and divided into two camps: those who want speed bumps and those who do not. Oh, the horror! Seriously, people, we spent at least an hour debating this issue at the general meeting last year. Snore. Obviously, we live in an affluent community because the topic of greatest concern is whether to stick asphalt bumps on the road in an (ineffective) effort to control traffic speeds.

I have been listening to iTunes radio today – switching between the R ‘n B channels and classical. Yes, I have very eclectic taste. It reminds me of the Old School station I listened to in the town where we lived. I loved that station and our current city has squat. So, iTunes it is for my fix. I also have access to XM Radio online, but their R n’ B stations just aren’t cutting it for me. Now, their alternative stations – that’s another story entirely.

Our latest Netflix arrived in the mail. We’ve been Netflix subscribers since 2005 and we love it. Netflix was the only way in which I was able to watch all three seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in one summer just in time to catch up to the fourth season – and just in time for the writers’ strike! Recently, we watched the first season of the Tudors and both agreed that while it was extremely entertaining, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was no Henry VIII. The chicken legs are the first dead giveaway as is the whisp of an Irish accent and don’t even get me started on the lack of red hair! But, Sam Neill was fabulous. We are also making our way through the Sharpe’s series starring – wait for it – Sean Bean! Mr. X and I have been having a grand time watching these gems of 90s production values and bodice-ripping. And, of course, my weekly Sean Bean dose, fully endorsed and encouraged by Mr. X.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for now. Scintillating as always.

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  1. JellyBelly permalink
    June 18, 2008 12:59 am

    i’m on the BOD of my condo complex and although it’s minimal work, it really surprises me what people get in a tizzy about. we have neighbours that complained at our AGM about the landscapers using too much salt in the winter thus ruining their grass. uh, we live in canada, it’s snows, LOTS and yes we use salt to get rid of ice for six months out of the year. move to florida if you don’t like it. now we’re having a sprinkler crisis. i so want a house that doesn’t involve a group of people making decisions!

    btw, i hope that doggy adoption people get cracking and get you a pooch ASAP!

  2. seriously? permalink
    June 18, 2008 6:54 pm

    Mrs. X. I have to laugh at your comments about the BOD. Although I don’t live in an area that has an association I was recently forced (yes, forced) to attend a town coucil meeting in our town. We were there as my DH was being sworn in as a new patrolman, and although we were assured that we would be taken care of first, we were last. I had to listen to people complain about two things ad nauseum. 1)putting sidewalks on a street in town. The shear horror, we may lose 7 trees and a privacy hedge and 2) People left their garbabe cans out by the curb before and after pick up day. Now we have backyard pick up and aren’t supposed to put things at the curb, so this lady complained WITH PICTURES of the offenders.

    So, best to you and good luck with the Speed Bumps!!!!!

    Also, hope the dog things get fixed quickly!

  3. Shinejil permalink
    June 19, 2008 1:07 pm

    We seem to be leading equally thrilling lives. Speed bumps! I think people have some deep need to divide into tribes and wage wars of emotional attrition on their rivals, and they’ll use any petty pretense to do so. Lots of folks just don’t have enough to occupy their minds–or they don’t look for proper mental occupation…

    Oh, come on, doggy! Get thee to the X house soon! I need to see cute puppy pictures. I can’t wait until we have the right set up for a dog. I keep meeting really great dogs lately.

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