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The First Step

March 10, 2008

Despite the recent drama (apparently, I am – for now – still pregnant), I am well-versed in the fleeting nature of good news. We are still moving forward as if this pregnancy will also end and we will take a much-needed break from all things involving baby-making (except for that sex thing. That’s fun). Paris is still most-definitely on.

Part of my Official Break Plan was to aggressively look for and adopt a poochie. I’ve been angling for a dog for months now and I have finally broken down Sweetie’s resistance to adding more fur to the house. We went to a local no-kill shelter yesterday as the first step in this process. We saw lots of fur, and heard lots and lots of barking, but there was no poochie that really gave us the “we-were-meant-for-each-other” vibe. Of course, I should admit that I didn’t have that vibe with Sweetie when I first met him either. To be frank, I thought he looked a little dorky – until he smiled that is. Oh, that smile.

Anywho, I digest. I’ve heard from several people who have adopted dogs that you really need to have that “spark”. Our friends who adopted their dog from the same shelter that we went to yesterday knew immediately that she was for them (and vice versa). We never had that moment yesterday. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t.

We’ll keep looking, although, we may not really get earnest about adopting until after we come back from Paris.
image: Sherly’s Boys

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  1. shinejil permalink
    March 13, 2008 2:45 pm

    I’m sure you’ll find the pup of your dreams! I for one am always attracted to the freaks, the animals that are just a bit odd.

    I hope your search proves fruitful in the end! I’m intrigued to know what pouch will appeal to the Xs.

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